ENC  Consulting provides networking experts with diverse backgrounds, experienced at identifying business requirements and aligning network technologies to support and achieve corporate goals in  designing, implementing and managing communications systems. ENC Consultants get to know your business, developing a “big picture” view of your strategic requirements. Solutions are then built upon a proven framework of standards and methodologies.  ENC  provides both strategic and tactical consulting services for its clients. Strategically, ENC will facilitate a fundamental rethinking and redesign of a client’s communications environment to achieve dramatic results in selected performance measures (e.g., service levels, quality, cost, and user satisfaction). Tactically, ENC will work with a client to define specific network needs, then recommend a best-in class solution to address that need and provide a detailed implementation plan. Services offered by ENC Consulting include: Strategy Review & Development Planning, Strategic Planning, Architectural Design, Migration Planning, Technology and Vendor Assessment Security, Performance and Annual Audit & Assessment